House(s) of the Day (5/22/2021)

Today’s two houses of the day are probably my favorite homes of all time.  No joke.  One of these is my dream primary resident and the other is my dream vacation home (short of being on a lake).

  • The first is my dream primary home.  Located at 209 Bedford Banksville Rd, Bedford, NY 10506, here are the Zillow photos, the home was built in 1735 and sits on a modest 10 acres.  I’m in love with the entire house and will never be happy unless I own this home.  The outdoor space, barn, and coach house are incredible.
  • The second house of the day is my dream log cabin, save for the missing lake.  The house is 1090 Zeb Alley Rd, Cashiers, NC 28717 and here is the Zillow link for photos.  All the wood beams, twig work, rustic feel, surrounding mountains and greenery – amazing.  I HATE home theaters but this one is pretty neat.  Below is a photo of the front:


That’s all!

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