Roman Pearces Through MTV’s IP Rights

Everyone's favorite wacky sidekick Tyrese Gibson, often broadcasting his own story but typically more focused on finding and slamming a third base, has knocked off cribs in spectacular form.  However, I've become accustomed to such displays of public masterbation.

If I were Jesus…

And I had the opportunity to escape and jump into those sweater puppets, I'd probably stick to the cross too. Talk about having a tough time weighing your options...

Melt Behind Bars with Grillz

Happy Friday!  It's not often I'm willing to go out and plug a person or business located more than five miles from a real (aka saltwater) coast.  However, Melt Bar and Grilled, located in the Connecticut Western Reserve (I refuse to accept and acknowledge Moses Cleaveland's (who never returned to Ohio after his visit) namesake), is... Continue Reading →

It’s Fusilli Melania!

Some minor touch ups and BOOM!!!  The gold digger can't stop lifting shit.  She loves the yellow metal more than the orange man.  Hope everyone and their junk is staying cool in this heat.  To quote a pal, I may just stay home in front of the TV and get a fan on my dick.

And a New Player Enters the Arena

I'll see ya at the party, Mike Pence.  In America's breadbasket scoping out our next Republican Vice President candidate.  Fingers crossed Hillbeast selects Elizabeth Warren G so we can watch Pence slide his wet meat down that Thief's throat. If Indiana is America's breadbasket, would that make Michigan America's pita plate?

Random Bidtits (7/12/2016)

Alice Cooper has a song titled "Only Women Bleed."  New theme song for The Donald's campaign? Sometimes I wear shades when I'm outside walking solely so I can tear ass without making eye contact. I've found that most of life's obstacles can be solved simply by throwing more money or TP at the problem.

Random Bidtits (7/7/2016)

That's it, I'm changing the tag line on my tinder account. Probably not appropriate for Random Bidtits; I really had to stretch to insert this one (see what I did there?).

Happy Birthday, America

Bud America.  2 lb angus burgers.  Freedom fries.  Nothing ushers in Freedom's 240th birthday quite like a handsome white knight. Please have a wonderful Fourth of July and take some time to enjoy freedom, democracy, and the American experience.

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