House of the Day (12/5/2018)

Okay, so I actually have four houses of the day but each is worthy of your time.  Before I begin, I NEED this readership to know that there is a real-life "Cowboys & Indians" magazine currently in circulation.  As many of you know, I am the legitimate love-child of John Wayne and Ronald Reagan, so... Continue Reading →

Song of the Day (11/15/2018)

Mortal humans, do I have a gift for you! But before we dip our wicks into the bountiful fountain of American jingoism, I want you to fire up YouTube and enjoy the song of the day: Rise of the Chaos Wizards by Gloryhammer. Much like meatspin circa 2006, make sure to jack up your volumes... Continue Reading →

Arrested Development: Speaking of Settling…

Speaking of settling, how's Ann? Here's an amazing YouTube video (under 3 minutes long) that crosses AD with Star Wars. It's a trailer/background of Star Wars but delivered in the AD trailer format. Well worth your time. And here's a second YouTube video that's not quite as entertaining but still enlightening. It's a more academic... Continue Reading →

I’m Reading a Book About Anti-Gravity…

It's impossible to put down! Only messing, brah. Gotta keep it clean today - it's just one of those nights. Before I begin, can we all appreciate the beauty of this pink house in Charleston, South Carolina/East Georgia? The house and the flora are gorgeous. To quote my boy Jackie Chiles, Back to more immature... Continue Reading →

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