Janus Motorcycles

I have to put in a plug here at these things are simply stunning.  Check out the Janus Motorcycles website when you have a moment.  Also check out the "team" page while there, some of their beards are epic and exactly what you would expect of a domestic motorcycle manufacturing employee base.  Steve McQueen would... Continue Reading →

Prince Andrew, (Previously) His Royal Highness and Song of the Day (1/26/2022)

Before we commence with the lewd innuendo that is typical of this two-bit horse and buggy blog, can we please remember that everyone is innocent until proven guilty and that previously His Royal Highness Prince Andrew ("Albert" by his closest, most intimate friends) may not be guilty of these minor, minor offenses?  How can the... Continue Reading →

Daddy’s Got a New Haircut and Song of the Day (12/9/2021)

Today’s song of the day isn’t terribly clever given the time of year but it’s lovely nonetheless. It’s Waltz of the Flowers by…oh Jesus the YouTube app won’t let me copy and paste this…by T-c-h-a-i-k-o-v-s-k-y. Separately, who has seen Daddy ‘Lon’s new coiffure? Look, I’m all for Elon’s right to free hair expression and fucking... Continue Reading →

Keto-Friendly Quesadilla

¡Hola, amigos y hombres muy, muy mal! ...okay that's all I have in me. Today's post is a scrumptious, keto-friendly meal: Low-carb tortillas, chicken breast, mozzarella, goat cheese, sour cream, giardiniera, Himalayan salt, cracked pepper, all cooked on a cast iron skillet...BABY, YOU GOT A STEW GOIN'! Eat this quesadilla and you'll easily get over... Continue Reading →

Happy 500th Post!

That's right! Musings and Malarkey not only turns 4 this month, but today we're celebrating our 500th post! However, today's posting is somewhat muted given some bad news in the world of sports: per Dick Pound, the olympics have been post-boned to 2021: I expect Dick is feeling pretty deflated about all of this and... Continue Reading →

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