Article: Energy Firm says its Nuclear Waste Fueled Diamond Batteries Could Last Thousands of Years

Spoiler alert: Elon Musk isn't behind this venture. I know that for many readers, this will deflate your balloon. And for the robin hood traders among you, this will deflate your dong. But before you go elsewhere to bring your banana to tears, check out this amazing, albeit proof of concept only, technology. The article... Continue Reading →

Article: Experiment Confirms 50-year-old Theory Describing how an Alien Civilization Could Exploit a Black Hole

For the neckbeards among you, here's an interest article from  TLDR: Mars is so 2019 and Elon Musk needs to reallocate his resources to something more meaningful.  Article below: A 50-year-old theory that began as speculation about how an alien civilization could use a black hole to generate energy has been experimentally verified for... Continue Reading →

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