Song of the Day (5/26/2019)

Hope everyone is having an enjoyable Memorial Day weekend.  Today's song of the day is a throwback to the groovy days of yesteryear.  It's December, 1963 by The Four Seasons. Given that my food related posts seem to garner the most positive responses, below is the delicious sandwich I made earlier this week while at... Continue Reading →

Where are my Frolfers (Disc Golf)?

Put down the hookah and check this out from the pages of Reddit (now Ellen KaPao-free!): That's a bold move, Cotton. Let's see how that plays out for him. (Quick side note: I've spent a total of 30 minutes of my life on reddit but enjoyed it thoroughly). I've heard it's shaped up since Ellen... Continue Reading →

We Need More Womyn in STEM

Was on the Hub the other day when I opened a video, posted by a female contributor, titled "she takes 80 loads of cum." My hairy ass! It was 30 minutes of two dudes busting on her chin maybe two or three times. Weak sauce. This is simple arithmetic and it's far from rocket science.... Continue Reading →

Song of the Day (3/22/2019)

Today's song of the day is one of the great ones - definitely Duke Stamped. It's Tonight We Ride by Paul Eason. And now, here's something beyond nerdy for the neckbeards in the crowd: See those button extensions? Epic.

Song of the Day (1/27/2019)

OMFG, people.  Today, I have the greatest song of all time for you.  The song is That's The Way It Is by the Red Dead Redemption 2 Soundtrack.  If you do anything for me, please, please listen to his song.  I implore you from the greatest depths of my heart, listen to this song.  The... Continue Reading →

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