House of the Day (9/29/2021) and Interstellar Neckbearding

Alrighty, this is pretty damn neat.  Check out this gorgeous resort compound located at 36463 Butternut Point Road, Pequot Lakes, MN.  Here is the Zillow link - it's 19 bedrooms, 22 washrooms, and has amazing grounds.  Sits on 3.41 acres.  Look at those sandy beaches and beautiful pine trees.  It even has its own cove! ... Continue Reading →

Article: How Does a Rocket Work in Space Where There is no Air to Push Against?

Good afternoon, nerds.  This is an old article from Union University (you know how much I hate using the "u" word): How Does a Rocket Work in Space Where There is no Air to Push Against? September 2002 The Wright brothers probably never thought about flying in space where there was no air. They designed... Continue Reading →

Article: Energy Firm says its Nuclear Waste Fueled Diamond Batteries Could Last Thousands of Years

Spoiler alert: Elon Musk isn't behind this venture. I know that for many readers, this will deflate your balloon. And for the robin hood traders among you, this will deflate your dong. But before you go elsewhere to bring your banana to tears, check out this amazing, albeit proof of concept only, technology. The article... Continue Reading →

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