Nicolas Cage Pillow Cases

It's been said that I sometimes waste "company time" while I'm at the office.  Well let's prove them wrong, shall we?  So I spent the last 15-20 minutes pulling together the following:

Arch Stanton Guest Post: The Bachelor 2019

My relationship to the Bachelor has been pretty incredible. After shittalking a roommate for watching it, I became a devoted fan within three episodes. By the time the next season came around, I wrote the first contestant breakdown review. That was four years ago. The last three seasons, I have watched the first two episodes... Continue Reading →

Song of the Day (11/25/2018)

sunday, Sunday, SUNDAY! Happy Sunday to my Sunday fans in the crowd. Today's song of the day is Simple by Florida Georgia Line. Great band and this one is super catchy. With all this recent talk of Pill Cosby on the thread, I did consider Wake Me Up by Avicii but I felt that would... Continue Reading →

Song of the Day (11/24/2018)

Happy Thanksgiving!!! Today's song of the day isn't a ruse to get you watching the underlying movie but it is a solid tune. It's Dueling Banjos from the movie Deliverance. Family Guy did a knock-off in this 1 minute skit with Peter Griffin and Michael Moore. Well, I'm back to unclogging the toilet as a... Continue Reading →

I’m Going to Hell 2.0

I struggled with this one. A lot. Two good hombres told me not to share the photo. I trust both people's judgment completely. Unfortunately, I feel like I have to share this with the world. Not to offend the woman, whose photograph I recently took at the airport, but because the resemblance is just too... Continue Reading →

Song of the Day (9/7/2018)

But before I begin, this: Yes, China's richest man and eternally adorable Mogwai, Gizmo could leave Alibaba in the near future. For the sake of keeping Geofredo Bezos busy and honest, hope that doesn't happen. I side with Alibaba - we need to keep Amazon's American imperialist aggressors at bay. The song of the day.... Continue Reading →

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