House of the Day (9/29/2021) and Interstellar Neckbearding

Alrighty, this is pretty damn neat.  Check out this gorgeous resort compound located at 36463 Butternut Point Road, Pequot Lakes, MN.  Here is the Zillow link - it's 19 bedrooms, 22 washrooms, and has amazing grounds.  Sits on 3.41 acres.  Look at those sandy beaches and beautiful pine trees.  It even has its own cove! ... Continue Reading →

Le Petit Chef

If you like food, fine dining, or Parisian stuff, check out this adorably cute three minute video on the YouTube.  This is from a small country restaurant in France, which keeps its customers entertained while they are waiting for the main course.  The French restaurant “Le Petit Chef (Little Chef)” came up with an original... Continue Reading →

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