Random Bidtits (10/22/2022)

Some random stuff for your amusement:

  • Who here likes ghost towns?  One of the neatest I have visited – long ago in my salad days – is St. Elmo, Colorado.  Very pretty drive through steep canyons (take route 292 from 285 in the east) and the town is super cute.  Photo from the Wikipedia article is far below.
  • Did you know that you hit “negative buoyancy” at a depth of ~30 feet in saltwater?  Now you do!
  • Did you know that in Russia, they have slapping competitions?  Watch parts of this YouTube video, titled “Slap contest Heavyweight Knockouts Compilation 2020 from Russia. 200 KG guys Slap Contest” to watch grown men bitch slap each other.  Ow.


Have a great day!

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