Song of the Day (10/29/2018)

Today's song of the day is Live to Win by Paul Stanley. Now for you car guys, here's what's called the "arcade dashboard" on the C4 Corvette: And an amazing costume, calendar and all: Well, I have to get back to work. My third-party data provider in India must have eyes like a hawk: every... Continue Reading →

Random Bidtits (10/25/2018)

Y'all like amazon?!? Not just the stock - everyone likes the stock - but the online marketplace? Well check out this cool shit: Also, I heard a bad hombre badmouthing Donald's dong the other day and realized this thing isn't going to stand up for itself...okay, maybe it would. But that thing ain't no toadstool,... Continue Reading →

Random Bidtits (10/22/2018)

Arianna Huffington, ever at the forefront of business stagnation and frivolous personal pursuits, has some really valuable insights for you on her LinkedIn account: I imagine Elizabeth's theories on dressing for success are somewhat one dimensional: does she wear the orange jumper or does she wear the black and white pinstripes jumper today? Arianna is... Continue Reading →

Song of the Day (10/18/2018)

Annyong! This is gonna be quick today. The song of the day has got to be Dancing with Myself by Billy Idol. Fucking rocks my socks. Next, I have to repost this image sent to me by a mas-o-menos bad hombre: I can really connect with her struggle as a result of her heritage and... Continue Reading →

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