Arch Stanton Guest Post: CIA Operations, Ranked by Insanity

There is a surprising amount of publicly available information on the Central Intelligence Agency's past operations on Wikipedia! The basic premise of the organization as a whole is pursue American interests overseas, which was bound to lead to some moral gray areas. What is acceptable foreign actions, and what constitutes an obscene overstepping of moral... Continue Reading →

Random Bidtits (10/22/2018)

Arianna Huffington, ever at the forefront of business stagnation and frivolous personal pursuits, has some really valuable insights for you on her LinkedIn account: I imagine Elizabeth's theories on dressing for success are somewhat one dimensional: does she wear the orange jumper or does she wear the black and white pinstripes jumper today? Arianna is... Continue Reading →

Arch Stanton Guest Post: Attempted American Secessions, Ranked

Pretty self-explanatory subject right? Do I really need to introduce this more than "here's a bunch of times people attempted to make their own states or countries"? If you think so, that's unfortunate because we're starting now: Civil War/War of Northern Aggression if you're a fucking loser: Yadda yadda yadda - it's the Civil War,... Continue Reading →

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