Random Bidtits (10/22/2018)

Arianna Huffington, ever at the forefront of business stagnation and frivolous personal pursuits, has some really valuable insights for you on her LinkedIn account:

I imagine Elizabeth’s theories on dressing for success are somewhat one dimensional: does she wear the orange jumper or does she wear the black and white pinstripes jumper today? Arianna is such a vagina. Speaking of vaginas, check out the sex toy for your grandparents:

Okay, let’s leave Arianna Huffington and step back into the realm of reality. Here are two very neat technologies that you may enjoy: a jet suit that legitimately works (3 minute YouTube video here) and a remote control jet airplane that goes over 450 MPH (6 minute YouTube video here).

Alright, I’ll get back to pinching off this python.

One thought on “Random Bidtits (10/22/2018)

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  1. I cannot believe what you have left in the table here:

    “And that’s when George Sr did a web search for the words “jet pants.”


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