Random Bidtits (5/31/2016)

Starting what will likely be a new thread theme. Today's random fact: If you're looking for designer furniture at rock bottom (no pun intended) prices, take a midnight stroll through your city's gay neighborhoods the day before trash day.  Often, high quality, lightly used furniture can be had for virtually nothing.  I've picked up at... Continue Reading →

Shit Eater-in-Chief

Swiping.  Swiping.  Swipinggg.  And I come across this decrepit physical MANifestation of the PIIGS: What is that thing doing on my phone and why is that thing on tinder?  According to Wikipedia, "she has been called 'the Sir Edmund Hillary of social climbing.'"  Well, after selling her dying, shit media company to a larger company... Continue Reading →


This video is by far the best use of thirty hours I've found.  Always appreciate the dynamic resulting from the merger of two great fictions.  300: Making America Great Again Donald Trump Parody.  Perfect casting on the part of Ephialtes, that sniveling sack of political shit.  Hopefully in the remake he'll cling to his shield with the same tenacity... Continue Reading →

Creationism Right Where it Belongs

This is too good.  Among the lesser evils, including deceit, hypocrisy, logical fallacy, truthiness, and willful ignorance lies (very much pun intended) creationism.  What better way to kick off the list than with the invisible man in the sky! Plenary indulgences can be recognized with a simple donation of $5.  Donors providing recurring payments will be offered... Continue Reading →

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