House of the Day (5/21/2019)

This house comes to use from a WSJ article titled "A Restaurateur's Napa Valley Escape."  It's in St. Helena, California (just North of Napa) and is on the market for $8.0 million.  Absolutely love this one:  

House of the Day (3/26/2019)

Before we get to the house of the day, here are three photos from another open house with a weathered kitchen table, kitchen stools, and coffee table that I absolutely love: As well, some of you know that I will one day have a cheese cave tucked deep away in my basement - a chamber... Continue Reading →

Arch Stanton Guest Post: Spite Houses

You've heard stories about neighbors who have worn on each others' nerves about whatever it is homeowners get mad at each other about - I'll never know because I'm a Millennial and I'll be renting forever! - and eventually resort to planting or cutting down trees just to be an asshole to their neighbor. That's... Continue Reading →

House of the Day (12/5/2018)

Okay, so I actually have four houses of the day but each is worthy of your time.  Before I begin, I NEED this readership to know that there is a real-life "Cowboys & Indians" magazine currently in circulation.  As many of you know, I am the legitimate love-child of John Wayne and Ronald Reagan, so... Continue Reading →

House of the Day (10/5/2018)

Nǐ hǎo! Hope everyone is enjoying their Friday.  Just a couple of homes that you all may appreciate.  Enjoy: The first is a property just outside of Aspen in Woody Creek and previously owned by Sam Wyly.  He had originally asked ~$60 million but it was recently auctioned off for just over $14 million.  Circle R... Continue Reading →

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