House(s) of the Day (5/9/2022)

Some quick houses of the day today but they’re pretty darn thug-nasty.  Here we go:

  • The first is 740 Fairfield Rd NW #770, Atlanta, GA.  Stately and quant and a lovely outdoor space.  8 acres isn’t bad either.  That’s a lot of home and solid design work for $5.8 million.
  • The second house of the day is 7095 Bottle Bay Rd, Sagle, ID.  $27 million is a lot but 48 acres and those views of Lake Pend Oreille are fabbbb-u-lousss!  Sing is, sista.  Also, so. much. wood.  Great cabin feel.  The compound includes six dwellings and it’s called Thunder Ranch so I’m really not sure how you beat that.
  • Finally, we have 700 Picacho Ln, Santa Barbara, CA, which I think was most recently owned by Rob Lowe.  $52 million is steep for 3.4 acres and $461 thousand of property taxes isn’t cheap.  But look at that home.  “Elegant” comes to mind.

That’s it for today – have a splendid Monday!

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