Song of the Day (1/19/2018)

Happy Friday, my esteemed readers and contributors. Today's song of the day is Let My Love Open the Door by Pete Townshend. It's a positive, catchy little toe-tapper. Keeping the positive vibe going, here are some things the Disillusioned Dilettante doesn't value, appreciate, or even like: investigative journalism, marching bands, modern art, local news, art.... Continue Reading →

Jared Kushner Best Watch His Poorly Postured Back

Yes, the conniving, dimwitted, and perennially aloof redheaded stepchild of our Tweeter-in-Chief has his job as international peacemaker, opioid epidemic manager, Mexican/Chinese diplomat, veterans affairs reformer, criminal justice system solver, and federal government overhauler on the line. It seems Emmanuel Nd..., Emmanuel Ndif..., Emmanuel is padding his resume in lusting anticipation as Trump's Right Hand... Continue Reading →

Song of the Day (1/5/2018) / Article: Russian Launches World’s First Jewish Cryptocurrency

مرحبا and عيد ميلاد سعيد to the baby Jesus...Merry Christmas!  Today's song of the day is Arab Money by Busta Rhymes.  I'm writing to you from the toilet after an unfortunate bout of holiday face-hole stuffing.  I want to get up and look at this thing but I don't dare make eye contact.  It's been a... Continue Reading →

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