Song of the Day (1/19/2018)

Happy Friday, my esteemed readers and contributors. Today’s song of the day is Let My Love Open the Door by Pete Townshend. It’s a positive, catchy little toe-tapper.

Keeping the positive vibe going, here are some things the Disillusioned Dilettante doesn’t value, appreciate, or even like: investigative journalism, marching bands, modern art, local news, art. Investigative journalist is a concept best left for the 19th century and I’m sick and tired of eating a regular diet of Fake News’ shinbone.

Speaking of my misplaced negativity and alarmism, has anyone else been to lately? These MOFOs use the “weather alert” feature almost as aggressively as the Bush/Cheney Corporation used the “terror alert.” Between the two, the level of alarmism is truly on par.

I’ll leave you with a final thought for your Friday, and I apologize if I’ve mused about this in a prior post: when they perform LASIK eye surgery, why don’t they give people 20/10 vision? Or perhaps even better? Why do they “correct” people to a mere 20/20?

Happy Friday and stay safe tonight – always remember to wrap it before you slap it.

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