The 2017 Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 Cabriolet

'Cabriolet!  Cabriolet!  Cabriolet!...  It's only a model.'  Yes, indeed, I made a reference to Monty Python.  And indeed, it's only a concept car.  But it's a fantasy car that has 750 fake horses under the massive hood, an all-electric, all-fantasy 200 mile range, and a look that is absolutely stunning.  Brace yourselves, the Germans are... Continue Reading →

Faith Tells Me That No Matter What Lies Ahead of Me, Reagan is Already There

Hooded Man #2: Have we started the fire?...  Bane: Yes. The [Reagan] rises.  And finally.  My tomato garden has sprouted a va-jay: Earlier in the harvest at a vegetable staff meeting to discuss the vegetable, fruit, and bacterial culture, Arianna Huffington, another pear, talked about how one tomato vagina on a plot often leads to... Continue Reading →

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