Song of the Day (8/2/2017)

Annyong!  WOOOOO!!!!  Today’s song of the day is a great one so buckle up, buckaroo.  It’s Flashdance What a Feeling by Irene Cara.  The woman who’s so nice, they named her twice.  Moving right along.  I have a personal trainer friend who spends his days walking around the gym, incessantly talking about “laying pipe,” even going so far as sharing this mantra with the female patrons/teaming masses.  Apparently, even “laying pipe” was too subtle for Matt:

Speaking of easy women (and fast cars), my Flyin’ Hawaiian was ALL too excited to listen to this ‘Rari purr:

She’s a real slut for Ferrari but then again, so am I.  Viva la Ferrari 458!!! Somewhat related, I passed a license plate last night that was DRYPOWDR.  My erection grew three sizes that day.  That’s all for today.  Though I did come across this license plate holder from Sandi in Illinois (trigger alert: it’s a Kia):


I’ll let everyone get back to their news and Trumpmania.  Donald Trump…putting the “panic” back in Hispanic.

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