A Quick Vent on Organized Religion

But first.  Read a good one today:  Two jews find out that Hitler walks past a certain alley every morning at 8am.  So they decide to wait in the alley and kill Hitler and save the world.  They get to this alley at 5am and wait...6am...they wait.  7am...they wait.  8am...still no Hitler.  So they decide... Continue Reading →

Trump, Fake Ejaculate, and True Love

HELLOOOOOOOO TRUMP NATION!!! Today, like many, will be a random collection of links, photos, and directionless insights.  But first, we begin with a shoutout to our old friend and soothsayer, Donald Trump.  Although he was grabbing at straws throughout much of the third debate (better he grab at straws than the alternative...), his performance was... Continue Reading →

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