Song of the Day (6/30/2017)

Today's song of the day is Bitch Better Have my Money by Rihanna.  Now for some entertaining/informative observations from the last few days: 1). Came across a urinal with an interesting print on the bottom.  There's no way ("you're as bad at hockey as you are at golf" - Bob Barker) this design is intentional... Continue Reading →

Seattle Workers Pay for the Minimum Wage

Wonderful OpEd piece from the Wall Street Journal today: Seattle Workers Pay for the Minimum Wage A new study says the $13 wage is a killer for lower-wage workers. Some laws of economics are so obvious that they require hundreds of papers to prove, and a classic example is the minimum wage, which increases the... Continue Reading →

Song of the Day (6/21/2017)

I was out motoring when an oldie from 1982 came on that I felt I needed to share with my reader(s, if you count me): it's Goodbye to You by Scandal.  The music video is incredible so take the time to watch it.  I'm waiting for the day this gets released on Guitar Hero or... Continue Reading →

Pascal’s Wager Paying Off Big League!!!

The driver of this Toyota Avalon really pulled a fast one on the old man upstairs! This man wagered...wisely.  Also, disregard the Flyin' Hawaiian on my dash.  She serves as a constant reminder of my white privilege. Speaking of cars facts, I guarantee you this guy insists on driving a stick: And finally, this man... Continue Reading →

Arrested Development Spottings (6/15/2017)

Diving in head Pete Rose.  Came across various items in the last week that have reminded me of the greatest show on earth: 1)  126 A Cross (across from where?) 2)  22 Across 3)  See Last Sentence And finally and separately, congratulations to the Golden State Warriors for toppling the Columbus Cav... the Cincinnati... Continue Reading →

Song of the Day (6/9/2017)

Happy Friday!  Today, we celebrate Comey's testimony and Trump's victory over democracy, so the song of the day is some good old fashioned pump-up music.  It's Do You Love Me by The Contours.  Your darling Disillusioned Dilettante was camping in Southeastern Ohio last week and came across some not-so progressive sites: And a new slogan for... Continue Reading →

Revised Song of The Day (6/6/2017)

No one liked my Robin Hood Men in Tights reference in that last post?  For shame.  How obscure do you need me to get?!?  My references are spot on, guys.  Come on! But the greater shame lies in me fucking up the song on the 73rd anniversary of D-Day.  Today's song of the day is... Continue Reading →

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