Song of the Day (6/30/2017)

Today’s song of the day is Bitch Better Have my Money by Rihanna.  Now for some entertaining/informative observations from the last few days:

1). Came across a urinal with an interesting print on the bottom.  There’s no way (“you’re as bad at hockey as you are at golf” – Bob Barker) this design is intentional but it doesn’t take much stretch of the imagination to see where I’m going with this:

2). You all know my opinion on indoctrination, hypocrisy, and religion.  Well there’s not much of the first two here, but this has to be one of the best names for a religious-affiliated, FOR- PROFIT store:

3). Stumbled across two adult websites with the most amazing themes: 1) Industry Invaders and 2) Fake Hospital.  To quote Judge Smails from Caddyshack, top notch, TOP NOOOOTCH!  Speaking of which, came across this a few weeks ago:

4). Found a company with a really interesting logo; they have a cock and a “number 2” popping out of their barn door.  Sounds messy.

5). This.  Bitch.  This woman – La Sha (for short?  For long?  Now for hire?) – should be thrown in a crate and shipped off to North Korea like the pond scum that she is.  Here’s the article I am referencing and here are the photos in case you miss it:

I’m not going to waste my time ripping her apart – she’s not worth it.  But, if the premise of this article and the way this worthless sack of shit presents herself to the world pisses you off, this 8 minute video is well worth your time.  The video solely discusses this article and deconstructs in a way that a child, although apparently not La Sha, can understand.  Put her on the next ship to North Korea and let her fend for herself.

6). When was the last time you saw a middle aged Jew in a button down and sport coat at a coffee shop reading XX for Dummies?  Well now you have:

7). Ending on a positive note.  How amazing is this technology.  This is so baller!

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