Arch Stanton Guest Post: Episode 25 of Today I Learned – Gaston Means

No time to waste today - here is the first three sentences of Gaston Means' Wikipedia page: "Gaston Bullock Means (July 11, 1879 – December 12, 1938) was an American private detective, salesman, bootlegger, forger, swindler, murder suspect, blackmailer, and con artist. While not involved in the Teapot Dome scandal, Means was associated with other... Continue Reading →

Happy Hanukkah

Wishing everyone a happy and safe Hanukkah. Pornhub wishes you the same happy wishes: Separately, I was in a washroom the other day where there was a sign stating "Clean Hands are Safe Hands." I'm wondering if the White House's female staffers would do well to put down their presidential pepper spray and opt for... Continue Reading →

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