Song of the Day (12/19/2018)

Today is going to include a lot of random crap, much more so than is typical for this blog.  We begin with a song – it’s May I?  Stand Unshaken by the Red Dead Redemption 2 soundtrack.  I really recommend this one for easy listening – very relaxing and somewhat of a turning point in the game.  A game that I can’t recommend highly enough.  Okay, switching gears to pound these out.

This article title was pretty fucking jarring for me last week:


I mentioned the War on Christmas and the War on the Penis in a recent post – there’s the proof for you doubters.  The War on the Penis could really cut the power of male genetalia down a size.  Just ask my buddy below:


Probably not too popular with the ladies.  I know, dropping a penis joke like that feels like new territory for this blog.  But what are we if not comprehensive?  Moving along at a brisk pace here.  Who among you is into dark black chicks?  Yeah, well, me too.  While zoning out at work last week, I recalled a pornstar by the name of Midori who helped me get through my formative years with minimal growing pains, albeit maximum chaffing. Below is an excerpt from Midori’s Wikipedia page that I absolutely love.  It seems so innocent until you get to the final sentence, then, mic drop.


Ms. Watley’s PR agent could use some words of advice from a true communication specialist.  I’m thinking someone who is so committed to their job, so devoted to their craft, that this is their LinkedIn photo:


Do you think he asked his fellow Uber Pool traveler to take his photo?

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