Hurricane Harvey Grabs Headlines

...and some snatch.  First Donny-T and then this...didn’t Bernie warn us about the billionaire class? Count it. With the media and celebrities viciously attacking Handsy Weinstein, I ask you this: who’s the real victim here? Of course I’m joking.  But, is it really workplace sexual harassment if one participant is more senior than the other?... Continue Reading →

Song of the Day (10/12/2017)

AAAAAYYYYYYY-OOOH!!!  This morning, someone brought the following article to my attention: He mentioned that the fire chief and his men were pulling straws to see who could go fight the fire.  I can imagine the firefighters now. No, in all fairness, these pot wildfires are no laughing matter and the men and women going in... Continue Reading →

Up Late Writing a CIM?

You’re just 10mg of addy away from that vFINAL! Also, this two minute video (Everyone’s Upstairs Neighbor) should be required reading for all boys and girls entering the multi family housing world.  What shouldn’t be required reading, yet was required for a roommate back in my colleeeeege years: Brought to you by the labor movement.... Continue Reading →

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