John Wayne Limited Edition Gold Plated Decanter

For a mere $275, you can have this John Wayne limited edition, gold plated decanter with 750ml of whiskey that originally came with it. That means the bottle is still unopened with original contents inside. Brand: Mike Wayne distilling Bottled in Bardstown, Kentucky. The Decanter is 22 carat gold plated ceramic. Approximately 18.5in x 6.25in... Continue Reading →

Article: Spiders’ Legs Are Hydraulic Masterpieces

Very interesting article from the WSJ.  Don't believe I've re-posted this one yet: Spiders’ Legs Are Hydraulic Masterpieces:  The compressed-fluid system that arachnids use to move their limbs has inspired scientists and engineers. By Helen Czerski I’ve recently started to hear tales of unwelcome houseguests. But instead of unwashed dishes and loud music, the complaints focus... Continue Reading →

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