Song of the Day (10/14/2019)

Happy Monday, mon frére. That means brother in French. I don’t know why I know that – I took four years of Spanish! (- GOB Bluth)

I’d like to dedicate today’s TWO songs of the day to a very special hermano out on the Left coast. He’ll immediately recognize it and know who he is so fortunately, I won’t have to spell it out for him. Today’s first song of the day is one of my favorite pump-up songs, it’s Saturday Night by Bay City Rollers. This song/song title will hit home twice for the bad hombre. The second song of the day, and I’d also like to dedicate to his honor, is ABC by the Jackson Five.

And finally, while on the topic of singer-songwriters hailing from Gary, Indiana. Guess what I found while perusing the aisles of a Gary bodega:

I hope the Hispanic community understands that by referencing bodegas in a downtrodden area, I’m not trying to be offensive. Instead, they should probably focus on how their herencia and recently-created term “Latinx” is being appropriated and thoroughly dicked over by Indiana University star quarterback Michael Penix. (Sorry, Michael. That unfortunate name is going to follow you everywhere for the rest of your life, so, good luck washing your hands of that.). Got ’em!

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