¡Carlos Danger for Mayor!

Annyong! Hope everything had an enjoyable and relaxing Thanksgiving with friends and loved ones.  It was brought to my attention that I failed to make a blog post about the election.  So here you go: Trump won.  Yes, a huge surprise, I wrote him off during the final 1v1 debates and the Comey letter.  I was... Continue Reading →

Song of the Day (11/17/2016)…and more

GOOD MORNING, U. S. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!! Definitely not scrounging for song ideas - have some great ones to share in the coming weeks/months.  I'll do my best to keep the music style and period varied but there are some bands and songs that are absolutely off limits: mainly Gnarls Barkley, Bob Dylan, and Bryan Adams' Summer... Continue Reading →

Song of the Day (11/2/2016)

In the face of some wanton stubbornness in the last post, and prior posts, I'll attempt to strike a cheerier tone going forward.  As such, please find below a terrific first song for the song of the day! Icona Pop - All Night As well, for my hot sauce connoisseurs, I highly recommend El Yucateco's... Continue Reading →

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