Arch Stanton Guest Posting: Teen Vogue Takes On “Capitalism”

Earlier this week I stumbled across a primer on "capitalism" by beacon of critical economic journalism, the Wall Street Journal...the Economist...Teen Vogue ( Yes, Teen Vogue is now branching out from "Cardi B's Fashion Nova Collection", "5 Hottest Prom Trends", "Beginner's Guide to Coachella", and "Your Weekly Horoscope" (I swear these are all currently on... Continue Reading →

Arch Stanton Guest Posting: Most Incomprehensible Features by Rappers on Pop Songs

Following our last post that somehow featured two astonishingly bizarre feature tracks by respected hip hop artists on tracks to be featured on songs with music videos for middle school boys to masturbate to on TRL, I remain hinged on this odd subtopic of modern music. Which coked-out music producer thought these combinations were what... Continue Reading →

Article: Alzheimer’s Disease Is Completely Reversed By Removing Just One Enzyme In New Study

Article link is here.  See below for the article: An experimental treatment completely reversed Alzheimer’s disease in mice by reducing the levels of a single enzyme in the animals' brains. The results further bolster the theory that amyloid plaques are at the root of this mysterious brain disease, and that addressing these plaques could lead... Continue Reading →

Arch Stanton Guest Posting: Fictional Women I Have Had A Crush On

As a child raised on television and pop culture, unlike dear Disillusioned Dilettante who was raised by CNBC and folk tales of Reagan in his Hollywood days, I have, at various points in time, developed romantic feelings for fictional characters. Don't act like this is weird. Don't act like you can't relate. Don't repress those... Continue Reading →

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