Awkward Moments (2/22/2017)

Approximately five to six weeks ago, our firm won a new engagement: our client was/is a women owned business with a demanding (and absolutely baller) female CEO.  Following the kickoff meeting, I was working my ass off for this chick. Well, a few days later, I was at home on my stairmaster, doing steps in... Continue Reading →

Regulators…Song of the Day (2/16/2017)

I've been burning my ones and fives since the inaugeration.  Figured they'll be pulled out of circulation following Donny T's infrastructure plan and Damnit Janet's war on the dollar. I miss my boy Ben Shalom Bernanke.  Today's song of the day is a shoutout to my homie-g, Burly's Regulate by Warren G ft. Nate... Continue Reading →

Stan Sitwell…Michelle?

Huge points to the individual who sent me the photo of Michelle with the most obscure Arrested Development reference of all time.  I'm humbled.  That eyebrow... Bonus points, Uncle Leo too: Jerry, HELLOOOOOO!

Song of the Day (2/10/2017)…and more

Really?  No one likes my windmills comment and allusion to Father Reagan?  Tough crowd... Happy flipping Friday to you all!  With that, there are two songs of the day today: 1). Waves by Kanye West 2). Howling at Nothing by Nathaniel Rateliff and The Night Sweats Yesterday evening, I discovered the magic of meme making.... Continue Reading →

J. Peterman Reality Bus Tour, Reagan, and Remote Year

A banker sent me the following acquisition opportunity this morning: "A new deal matching your criteria has been added to DealForce: New York Sightseeing Tour Operator Description: The Company is a receptive tour, transportation, and travel management company. It offers customized and traditional daily sightseeing tours, as well as tailor-made, fun-filled, group discounted room and... Continue Reading →

Chicken Pancakes and Rocket League

Just a quick idea for those getting back at 1am and in need of some tasty protein (I'll let this one go...).  Cook frozen, skinless boneless chicken tits in the pot on medium in vegetable oil and cover for twenty five minutes, flipping occasionally.  Then, cut the chicken now that it's unfrozen and cut into... Continue Reading →

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