Chicken Pancakes and Rocket League

Just a quick idea for those getting back at 1am and in need of some tasty protein (I’ll let this one go…).  Cook frozen, skinless boneless chicken tits in the pot on medium in vegetable oil and cover for twenty five minutes, flipping occasionally.  Then, cut the chicken now that it’s unfrozen and cut into tiny pieces.  It’s 1am and you’re home alone, cooking chicken and pancakes…so for the second time tonight, confirm you’re not seeing any “pink” and when you do, pour the pancake batter (mixed with water and more vegetable oil) into the pot around the chicken.  Cook for two to three minutes, flip, douse with salt and oregano, cook for another two minutes and voila, you got yourself a tasty, lazy-ass midnight treat.  Serve with hot sauce, mustard, or maple syrup.

Preparation phase:

Final product:

Further preparation:

And finally, because what’s a post without a shoutout to Rocket League and xBone Live, came across the following player this week and absolutely loved the name:

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