Song of the Day (1/31/2017)

Keeping it simple.  One song.  One recommendation.  One observation.  Today’s song of the day is Saturday Night by Bay City Rollers.

Today’s recommendation is the following:

…I was in the washroom of a friend and noted the TP on the radiator.  As I was readying myself to bitch him out for the obvious safety hazard, I felt the silky, warm paper caress my every nook and fanny cranny and my anus immediately transcended space and time.  I felt my anus was all at once, one with the universe.  In effect, my anus was a “qi hole” to another time and place.  A simpler time.  A better place.

Finally, an observation.  Below is taken from Wikipedia.  Source is CBO.  Wealth transfers / entitlements are… very large:

This post “has been pleasant and professional.  Good luck in the coming business year.”

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