Want Jeff Gundlach to Invest?

Want Jeff Gundlach to actively invest in your business but can't seem to grab his attention? It's easy! Befriend a business reporter. Plant a headline similar to the below: Mr. Gundlach's assistant has forwarded you a calendar invitation and Mr. Gundlach's private plane is now rapidly approaching your location. Zuckerberg is out? Bezos is in?... Continue Reading →

Random Bidtits (7/24/2018)

Psyche!!!!! It's a song of the day today and it's San Francisco by Scott McKenzie. As some of you will know and none of you will care, I was in San Francisco last week and had quite the experience. Whether wading through a sea of homeless wanderers, stumbling into a dispensary 10 minutes before 8am... Continue Reading →

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