Random Bidtits (7/24/2018)

Psyche!!!!! It’s a song of the day today and it’s San Francisco by Scott McKenzie. As some of you will know and none of you will care, I was in San Francisco last week and had quite the experience. Whether wading through a sea of homeless wanderers, stumbling into a dispensary 10 minutes before 8am open because you can’t wait another minute, or dodging a never ending platter of aggressive dick, San Francisco has something for everyone. The city is mostly safe. Still, avoid the clubs frequented by Kevin “it’s o-kay, I’m a gay” Spacey. Anyway, San Francisco is an eclectic city known to flip social norms on their head. For instance, I passed this group during my journey:

Just what are you looking at? It’s a group of Filipino missionaries spreading the word of God on the sinful, sodomized streets of San Fran. That’s a complete reversal from 50 years ago and I appreciate how the advanced Filipinos are willing to leave their families and homes behind to bring civilization to those Left Coast savages. So I donated a couple sawbucks.

By the way, quick digression:

Someone please help me understand why NYU is using rainbow colors on its logo. Why.

Back to my voyage. I saw many things, including this:

Look at that hair! Doesn’t it look like you’re staring at the ass end of a horse with this woman’s face peering through the horse’s ass? Of course is does. Speaking of ass, I got a strange alert on my rental car:

Anyone know what a courtesy wipe is in this situation? Do I floss my asscheeks with the seatbelt?

Fuck this blogging is too time consuming. Okay, adding photos from my travels and you write the punchline.

Ha! Good one.

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