Guest Posting by Arch Stanton: Stormy Daniels: An Investigation

As you are well aware, el Presidente's latest scandal involves his putting his Cheeto-dusted penis where it doesn't belong ala Bill Clinton, our substitute-teacher President. Like you, I have taken violent steps to avoid hearing about a man in his sixties being paddled by a washed-up pornstar with a magazine with his face on the... Continue Reading →

Random Bidtits (3/26/2018)

The coolest socks ever: A peculiar sign outside the local church: An amusing post: Google Doodle 1) ripping the character off MTV's Daria as well as 2) whitewashing a Japanese national treasure: The laziest lunch I've ever made: And finally, the human centipede, but for fish:

Peyton Manning, Legend

Just a random collection of videos from arguably the greatest football player AND entertainer of all time.  You'll surely appreciate these: Manning Enjoying New Retirement Home Peyton Manning Opening Monologue at ESPYs 2017 Peyton's Super Bowl Party Gone Bad SNL Digital Short: United Way - SNL Peyton Manning Commercials Compilation NFL Ads (note that YouTube... Continue Reading →

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