Peyton Manning, Legend

Just a random collection of videos from arguably the greatest football player AND entertainer of all time.  You’ll surely appreciate these:

  1. Manning Enjoying New Retirement Home
  2. Peyton Manning Opening Monologue at ESPYs 2017
  3. Peyton’s Super Bowl Party Gone Bad
  4. SNL Digital Short: United Way – SNL
  5. Peyton Manning Commercials Compilation NFL Ads (note that YouTube often removes the ad compilation videos so you may have to search for this, should the link not work).

Watch them, well worth your time!

One thought on “Peyton Manning, Legend

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  1. Once you exit the work force (and have a psyche leavened with a little guilt), you’ll understand the meaning of a full day.  I don’t underestimate your or the MM’s efforts, but put in that 10+ hours with idiots for free.  Make sure you get your 6 days week in, week out!


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