House of the Day (3/26/2019)

Before we get to the house of the day, here are three photos from another open house with a weathered kitchen table, kitchen stools, and coffee table that I absolutely love: As well, some of you know that I will one day have a cheese cave tucked deep away in my basement - a chamber... Continue Reading →

Song of the Day (3/24/2019)

#NOCOLLUSION!!!!! That's right! William Barr is stuffing any potential obstruction charges and all is rosy in the Rose Garden. To celebrate, please enjoy Black Winter Night by DragonForce. This song is beyond epic - it'll grab you by the silk purse and slay your strange before the first riff is halfway over. Moving on, who... Continue Reading →

Song of the Day (3/22/2019)

Today's song of the day is one of the great ones - definitely Duke Stamped. It's Tonight We Ride by Paul Eason. And now, here's something beyond nerdy for the neckbeards in the crowd: See those button extensions? Epic.

Article: What Really Ails American Capitalism

Here's a good WSJ article on stock buybacks for my homeboys in Washington. What Really Ails American Capitalism: If the political discourse manages to move past its obsession with buybacks, there are plenty of real issues that investors should be watching closely By James Mackintosh It should be easy for critics of American capitalism to... Continue Reading →

Article: Diversity Delusions at North Carolina

Interesting article by the WSJ for your perusal: Diversity Delusions at North Carolina: Like Harvard, the school has trouble defending an admissions policy that ill-serves minority students. By Heather Mac Donald Harvard isn’t the only university defending its discriminatory admissions policies in court. Its nonprofit adversary, Students for Fair Admissions, filed a similar complaint against the... Continue Reading →

Car of the Day: Ford Tonka Truck

I'm guessing my American readers will recognize the name immediately - these are the die-cast vehicles we used to push around and play with as children and sometimes adults.  Who doesn't miss beating the shit out of these things in the backyard while doing odd jobs like hauling dirt or transporting lesser toys?  Well, now... Continue Reading →

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