Song of the Day (3/24/2019)

#NOCOLLUSION!!!!! That’s right! William Barr is stuffing any potential obstruction charges and all is rosy in the Rose Garden. To celebrate, please enjoy Black Winter Night by DragonForce. This song is beyond epic – it’ll grab you by the silk purse and slay your strange before the first riff is halfway over.

Moving on, who here likes crocheting? Well, today I found what is probably the most unique crochet of all time:

Perhaps something Jamie Dimon stitched for Tim Cook while on vacation? Speaking of Tim Cook, did anyone see that Angela Ahrendts recently left Apple? I am definitely not expecting to see any sexual harassment claims against Tim Cook. I wonder if D&O insurance is cheaper for companies with a LGBTQIA CEO at the stick. And it appears she’s being replaced by someone who’s worked at Apple since 1998. Tim is super focused on taking the bottom-up approach…

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