Song of the Day (3/8/2019)

GOOOOOOOOD MORNING FRIDAAAAAAAY!!!! I’m likely recycling today’s song of the day but it’s too good to not share once more. It’s Running on Empty by Jackson Browne. It’s throw back Friday!

I write to you once more from a King’s throne. Feeling Jackson’s vibes as I aggressively lay waste to what will soon be a barren porcelain landscape. We’re talking a degree of carpet bombing that the international community condemned and outlawed decades ago. My own personal brand of napalm jelly, littering a once prestine porcelain backstop. I love the smell of my own napalm in the morning. And not only am I decimating the porcelain forest, I expect to down two more trees once I commence clean-up. If the bleach in toilet paper is bad for the environment, I’m bad for the Earth. The rebuilding effort will take decades – infrastructure will need to be rebuilt, landscapes reimagined. Today, I took my employer’s plumbing system to the brink of the abyss, and what’s left, is just dust, and echoes. It was a good poo.

Separately, this is a thing:


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