Car of the Day: Ford Tonka Truck

I’m guessing my American readers will recognize the name immediately – these are the die-cast vehicles we used to push around and play with as children and sometimes adults.  Who doesn’t miss beating the shit out of these things in the backyard while doing odd jobs like hauling dirt or transporting lesser toys?  Well, now there’s an adult version made by Ford.

From the website:

“One of the most recognized brands in Hasbro’s portfolio, TONKA has been the best selling toy truck globally since 1947. Everyone has a TONKA story. We are excited to collaborate with Tuscany and Ford Motor Company to bring this brand to the ‘real-life road®’.” – Simon Waters SVP of Global Licensing & Publishing at Hasbro

Here are some photos to whet your appetite.  Enjoy.


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  1. When I was little, our house was at the top of this hill with a long downhill driveway. My friend and I used to squeeze our asses into the load bearing part of our Tonka Truck and proceed to ride down the driveway until it would eventually topple over and result in a full-body road rash. I didn’t really have a point, but I wanted to share.


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