Song of the Day (2/21/2017)…and Arrested Development…and more

Today’s song of the day is Wait So Long by Trampled by Turtles.  Fuck it, last week I watched the new and original Magnificent Seven and holy cow were they spectacular.  So, with that, allow me to ROCK YOUR SOCKS with The Magnificent Seven theme song.  Best.  Theme song.  Ever.

Came across the following advertisement for something called Loverboy…

And it immediately reminded me of Lucille and Baby Buster (yo quiro lecheeeee) in Mother Boy:

And finally, some words of wisdom.  You can save money on bleach by not buying white underwear.

Came across this house name on a college campus a week ago:

That’s Ronald Ragin’.  Reagan be praised.

Well, back to the grind.  P.S.  Go out and get yourself bacon salt flavored sunflower seeds.  Your tongue will thank you…although the morning after hotbox in the shower can be debilitating.

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