Delicious Feast, World’s Hottest Peppers, and Puppy Love

Hi all! I know that many of you think of me as a closed minded, brutish modern day Neanderthal. You’re not wrong. But I did achieve brief stardom among my more cosmopolitan hombres with this dish, including farmers market hot banana peppers and jalapeños that were an insanely inexpensive 8 for $1. It also included mixed veggies, chicken, and meatballs. Once complete, melt a little mixed cheese shreds on top and douse with hot pepper sesame oil. Your mouth will be in love. Your chocolate starfish will never forgive you.

Splendidly colorful, right?!? Now for the hottest peppers. I found these in a grocery store for a mere $5.19 a carton… I’ve never even seen these peppers in person and they’re that inexpensive!

And also these less hot peppers:

Now, for some puppy love facts:

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