Jared Kushner Best Watch His Poorly Postured Back

Yes, the conniving, dimwitted, and perennially aloof redheaded stepchild of our Tweeter-in-Chief has his job as international peacemaker, opioid epidemic manager, Mexican/Chinese diplomat, veterans affairs reformer, criminal justice system solver, and federal government overhauler on the line. It seems Emmanuel Nd…, Emmanuel Ndif…, Emmanuel is padding his resume in lusting anticipation as Trump’s Right Hand Man:

I too would enjoy being Trump’s Right Hand Man, knowing that at all times, I’m merely our president’s wingspan away from some really raunchy puh. Perhaps I’m grasping at straws here, but at least it’s only straws.

God, the value of this blog is depreciating more rapidly than that of a piano falling from a high rise. Anyhoo, below are some bomb-ass drinks I came across in America’s yeast basket:

Stay thirsty, comrades.

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