Song of the Day and Random Bidtits (1/11/2018)

Today, it’s Twistin’ the Night Away by Sam Cooke. Excellent, excellent song. Let’s see, what else is new. Our dear friend and occasional contributor Arch Stanton shared a raving review for the following book:


I came across a Matt Lauer lookalike in the top right of the following:


Matt’s finally on the other end of the finger. Speaking of which, I hold firm that Trump never made those comments about Arianne Zucker on that coach bus. He probably wouldn’t even recognize here. Shit, Trump wouldn’t be able to finger her in a police lineup. What else. Turns out Bannon actually is a Nazi spy:


Nazi spy. Campaign architect. Breitbart editor. Jesus, this guy’s flexible. Not much else going on. Currently heading into the office after dropping a malodorous morning deuce that left me erratically stumbling about like Herman Munster.

What else. Earlier this week I was listening in on a coworker’s conversation about a PowerPoint presentation where I unthinkingly blurted out “thank you for saying ‘sub-bullets’ instead of ‘minority bullets'”. There was a black person in the room.


All of this reminds me of some wise words that our dear friend and often commentator Ethan Edwards shared with me: bacteria in a nutrient-rich environment (a Petri dish) expands until it chokes on its own waste products. This blog is feeling a lot like that Petri dish.

Enjoy your Thursday!

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