Song of the Day (10/29/2018)

Today’s song of the day is Live to Win by Paul Stanley. Now for you car guys, here’s what’s called the “arcade dashboard” on the C4 Corvette:

And an amazing costume, calendar and all:

Well, I have to get back to work. My third-party data provider in India must have eyes like a hawk: every time they send me an excel file, they’re always zoomed out at 10% magnification – the guy has got to be the best Halo MCC sniper of all time.

Speaking of which, I found the asshole teammate in Halo who’s always running around Rat Race and other dark maps with his pistol light on, alerting the other team to our exact location:

This guy was walking around the restaurant with his cell light on for at least five minutes.

At least the guy was in the right area, it was at the following event:

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