Random Bidtits (2/20/2023)

Some moderately good stuff for you boys and girls today.  Also, today I learned that the XFL and USFL are two separate entities.  Bankruptcy lawyers are going to have a very good year!  Now enjoy this random stuff:

  • Iran has two nuclear fuel enrichment facilities in the country, one is the Fordow Fuel Enrichment Plant, which has Google reviews.  3.6 stars…good not great.  Nobody wants to claim this business?  If you can’t read the reviews below, some of the one star reviews include: “Tour was okay. Falafel not so much.”, “Great prices for decent uranium.”, “Disappointing. No gift shop.”, and “Low quality centrifuges.”



  • What sort of person wakes up in the morning and says “I’m going to buy and wear a wallet chain”?  Who are these people?
  • We’ve all heard stories of the Russian military personnel and their lackluster gear in Ukraine.  Here is a good 21 minutes video on YouTube titled “The True State of Russian Army” that gives a good background.
  • Does anyone know of the story of the small meteorite that broke through a woman’s ceiling in Golden, B.C., in October 2021?  It landed on her pillow, next to where she had been sleeping moments earlier.  Here’s an article from Global News – you need to search Google images for photos as the article doesn’t show them if you’re using an ad blocker.
  • Have you ever seen a 28 cylinder engine?  Check out this 30 second video from YouTube titled “Most Extreme Engine Ever Built”.  It’s beautiful.
  • There’s a Sonoma pinot noir called “Bench” per the photo below.  I took a sip of Bench: it’s not good.  Benches and squats truly do go together.


And with that, I’m headed to the washroom to peel and scrape this morning’s peat bog off the porcelain.  Don’t try the Bench wine.  Seriously, it looks like I have tidal mudflats lining my toilet.

Have a blessed day and may Reagan be with you.

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