Song(s) of the Day (2/25/2023)

Per the usual as of late, a quick one today.  Here are some fun songs for your pleasure:

  • The first is Take It From Me by Jordan Davis.  Some of you will inevitably bitch that it’s country.  But it’s not just country.  It’s cool country.
  • The next two are both from Ronnie McDowell: it’s Older Women and Wandering Eyes.  The guy certainly has a unique style.
  • The next song is absolutely incredible – one of my favorites in the last couple of years.  It’s Made For You by Jake Owen.  If you’re going to try just one of my shit beater songs, make it this one.
  • The next one has got to be Ghost by Beibs.  Admit it: he’s talented.
  • And finally, it’s Are You With Me by Lost Frequencies.  It gets repetitive after a while but damnit is it fun.  This song makes me want to flash my titties to the whole bar (UP HERE, MICHAEL, UP HERE!).

With that, I’m off to go and see about a hat.


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