Random Bidtits (9/23/2022)

whatupwheremyWASPsattttttt?!?!  Some quick and dirty today so let’s get crackin’:

  • Ever wonder what doing acid/LSD is like?  I wouldn’t know.  But what I can tell you is that this video titled “LSD Trip Simulation Replication” on YouTube 100% nails the visual experience.  From what I hear.
  • Have you ever wanted to spend an hour watching an exceptionally detailed 3D walk-through of the Titanic?  Here’s a YouTube video that offers just that.  The level of detail is nuts.  The title of the video is “Titanic: Honor and Glory Demo 401 v1.4 (Day Time).”
  • Where are my homies on the buy-side?  Up working late and dreaming of the Coron Islands or El Nido?  Here’s a 10 hour YouTube video titled “Private Jet Sound White Noise – Sleep or Study with Airplane Ambience – 10 Hours” to set the mood.
  • Finally and most importantly, pour one out for Monty Norman, the British composer of the James Bond theme song, who passed away back in July.  Here’s the YouTube video of the theme song, one of the most iconic in film history.  Maybe ever.

Now here’s a photo of two bumper magnets, which the owner has carefully placed such that the guy in green is taking a solid shot to the plums:


While we’re on the topic of toxic masculinity, I visited our old friend Arch Stanton earlier this year and caught him wearing these pink flip flips, each with a fanny pack. Incredible.


Have a fantastic Friday!

4 thoughts on “Random Bidtits (9/23/2022)

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  1. 1. Monty Norman gets credit for the theme but credit for the composition of the track, and all of the music in the James Bond movies really, goes to John Barry. All the homies show respect for John Barry.

    2. I aspire to break free from the shackles of modern masculinity, one ambitious piece of footwear at a time.


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