Song of the Day (4/3/2018)

Time is of the essence! Today's song of the day is another great pump-up jam. It's Summer Air by Italobrothers. Now for some photos of the week. Obligatory Arrested Development shoutout as it's been too long: Awesome shoutout to Señor Jefe Bezos: Shoutout to my boy Bruce Wayne and that Mexican chick from Black Widow... Continue Reading →

Song of the Day (2/26/2018)

It's a good one! In fact, it's an absolutely fantastic song. It's Sedona by Houndmouth. Give it a try. Now, some random photos to get your juices flowing. And finally, to quote Tobias while eating at Burger King with Carl Weathers, "oh sure, as long as you don't bring attention to it": Young, self interested,... Continue Reading →

Happy Festivus!!!

And a Merry Christmas to all! Today's song of the day is A Mad Russian's Christmas by Trans Siberian Orchestra. And a lump of coal to all the rest of you

Gobias Industries…

This is the first time any of us at Gobias have heard of a land deal! ...have you seen the latest agricultural report? Coffee is up, nothing is hotter than coffee...

Happy Halloween!

Little known fact from Arrested Development: in all of the holiday episodes, Lupe can we seen wearing a Bluth family sweater from the most recent prior holiday. “FINE!!!  I’LL DOESBUSTER!!!” Anyone else notice that Jerome Powell is a cross between Dr. Oz and Ron Paul? Happy Halloween!  Hey.  Why do fish like Salt Water?  Because... Continue Reading →

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