Random Bidtits (4/18/2020)

Sooooo. The following photo made the front cover of Bloomberg earlier today. The front. Cover.

QUICK! What’s her name? … what’s her name? … so WHY is this on the FRONT COVER?

Here’s something a buddy shared with me that you may find amusing:

And something else a buddy shared with me:

And something I found online:

And something that tastes amazing and you must try and that now comes in ONE GALLON JUGS:

And a license plate with a potentially perfect “alluuuuuuusion (s, Michael. Tricks are something a whore does for money)” to Lucille Bluth:

And the first time I saw a washroom like this:

And a license plate that a lot of republicans would’ve agreed with up until a month ago:

And the best-named private equity firm of 2020 with a bonus reference to The Witcher:

And here’s something carved out of ivory – how neat is this:

There’s a company called Hound Labs that has developed the world’s first breathalyzer to rapidly, accurately, and inexpensively detect recent marijuana use on someone’s breath. Neat. What’s so interesting about this? Oh, you know, the name of their Senior Director of Product Marketing:

And finally. People who do this shit in the photo below. People who partition off Wharton from The University of Pennsylvania when they went there for undergrad. Trump pulls this shit too. What. A. Joke.

That’s all, folks!

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