Random Bidtits (2/24/2019)

Here are some neat items that you could potentially find amusing:

  • Lou Malnati’s, a Chicago favorite for deep fish pizza, has heart shaped pizzas for Valentine’s Day.  These can be shipped anywhere in the country on dry-ice:



  • (Cont.)  I hate to think about what this would look like if China did something similar for Single’s Day.
  • A quick Google Images search of “American Flag Pool Table” turns up some rather terrific stuff:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

  • Similarly, a search for “Neon Ping Pong Table” on Google Images yields some equally impressive items:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

  • (Cont.)  Fine, there are some Beirut photos in there but fantastically engineered, nonetheless.  And it’s Beirut, NOT beer pong.  Hopefully this puts an end to the long-running debate.  Truly, a cause célèbre.
  • On the topic of engineering, do any of the males in the crowd hate it when their bananas and silk purses get stuck to their thighs?  It’s awful, right?  Particularly at night in warm and humid environments.  Okay, I’m going to take a minor leap and assume that at least 75% of you have Prince Alberts.  For those who do, take a bungee cord and connect your bell-end to a hook on the nearby wall.  Viola!  The bungee cord keeps your banana hammock and batwing floating freely above your legs and you can rest easier knowing that you won’t need a spatula and putty knife to peel it off in the morning.  Where’s my patent attorney…
  • That’s it for today.  I’m off to join a buddy at the bar and play wing man as he tames some strange.  He’s a great guy but this evening, he seems to have prepartum depression prior to getting it in.

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