Song of the Day (2/23/2019) and Input from The Shadow

Happy Saturday!!!!  You’re in for a real treat today – this is one of the greatest ballads of all time.  Of.  All.  Time.  Today’s song of the day is Judgement Day by DragonForce.  Perfect for cardio, lifting, dancing in the shower, and power banging.  Get a signed consent before that last one.  This song is going to rock your rubber off.

So.  Robert Kraft is going down.  And apparently there’s footage of that too.  Fuck Boston.  Fuck New England.  And fuck Boston.  One benefit of all of this Asian spa media attention is that we’re finally shining a spotlight on a terrifying truth that’s evaded public discussion for too long now: the overwhelming gender bias and slanted (sorry) hiring practices within day spas.  The dominance of women in the workforce has precluded male entrance and advancement for centuries and we’re sick and tired of slamming our heads on the cum-stained glass ceilings within the industry.  Let’s hope that the continued media attention will alter these dated hiring practices and HR policies.

These women should be ashamed of themselves.  They land these well-paying, tax-evading jobs then immediately pull the ladder up behind them.  #MeToo.  Now, back to Robert Kraft, here are a couple of relevant insights shared with me by The Shadow:

  • They were shipping virgin masseuses: they arrived as tight ends and left as wide receivers.
  • Cody Parkey was planning on joining Kraft but we was stopped when he walked into the door frame on the way in.

With that, I’m back to listening to Judgement Day by DragonForce on repeat by my lonesome.  Now to get a signed consent from my dong…

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