Spacetime Explained And Awkward Moments (2/18/2019)

Annyong!  For my amateur theoretical physicists in the audience, here is a video on YouTube titled Space and Time into a Single Continuum that is well worth your spacetime.  It does a great job of breaking down a complex and highly abstract theory into a more manageable explanation.  It’s 11 minutes long but something to watch when you have a moment.

For those of you who didn’t TLDR this shit, there’s a real company named T&A Industrial Distributors.  Yeah, that exists.  But per the first paragraph above, it may merely be an illusion.

And for those of you still somehow reading through this drudgery, here’s a fantastic snippet from a WSJ article:


Awkward.  To quote Michael Bluth, “yeah, I have no follow-up to that.”

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